INTEL® International Airport of San Jose?

The Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal reports this week that Mineta San Jose International Airport officials are seeking an advertising firm to sell naming rights to the airport. Obvious sponsors are the top technology companies with famous trademarks headquartered nearby. How about “INTEL® International,” “APPLE® Airport”, “GOOGLE® Gateway” or “EBAY® Airway”? Attaching corporate trademarks and trade names to sports arenas and stadiums have become the norm. The San Jose Arena was named the Compaq Center at San Jose and then later the HP Pavilion at San Jose shortly after HP and Compaq merged. And all the other major Bay Area sports facilities have been similarly branded and re-branded — Candlestick/3Com/Monster Park in San Francisco, the Network Solutions/McAfee Coliseum in Oakland, and the San Francisco Giants’ PacBell/SBC Park. But, as Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal writer Andrew Hamm notes, “public buildings have been another matter all together.” Airport officials admit that changing the current name of airport is unlikely. Airport and city officials, however, appear serious about generating additional revenue through commercial sponsorship of parts of the airport. We might hear of the ADOBE® Air Terminal in the near future.